Julie Wangombe perfoms her poem, "A Poetic Reintroduction to Africa", at TED Talent Search.

Protected: On being engaged

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  • Chris

    love, love, love this!

    All but one line are perfect (proofreading alert):
    “…tends and a wedding day….Good, useful…”
    instead of “…tents and a wedding day… good, useful…”

  • Chris Gatihi

    You sound like an engaged woman who has already been married for ten years. This is God-given wisdom from above, sister. Thank you for writing this. And remember to come back to it again and again and again!

  • Chris Gatihi

    Oh and I forgot to mention that God has given you the ability to flat-out write! =) The more I read and the more I try to write (though I don’t do much of the latter), the more I realize how much of a craft it is to do so effectively and beautifully. Though it’s often a struggle, I dare not begrudge his generosity to give minas to others that He hasn’t given to me–or that He’s given to me in a far lesser measure. Keep on writing, sister. Soli Deo Gloria indeed!

  • Kamata Mbugua

    “Unfortunately, in this world it is easy to forget that being engaged is weighty. It is easy to get lost in a world of frivolity. It is easy to see the engagement period as merely a time for reverie and not also a time for reverence; a time to delve deeply into details about a wedding without mulling over the meaning of marriage.”
    Sobering and quite thought provoking. Keep on writing as the Lord God leads.Great stuff!

  • simba213

    Soli Deo Gloria!